Sports equipment for orienteering competitions and outdoor sport activities.

Who Are We?

Doba`s is a dynamic, family company specialized in the production of orienteering flags and map holders for MTBO and ski orienteering.

Thanks to our high production and material`s quality, our products are competitive on the international market! The products of Doba`s are handmade in Bulgaria.


Doba`s has been on the market since 2010. Back then the first 200 control flags have been produced for the European Orienteering Championship with its logo.

Only a few years later, more than 10 000 control flags/yearly reach different spots around the world.
Each year, our customer network is expanding and for the year 2017 the production has reached approximately 15,000 flags.

Our Mission

The individual approach that we show to every customer- makes our products unique! In Doba`s we look forward to broaden our horizons and we do our best to promote and contribute to the development and the flourishment of orienteering sport.

We will be happy to answer all your inquiries and questions